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Radio-controlled hooks for manufacturing and construction industries.
Traditionally, automatic hooks and rigging release systems have been cumbersome equipment offering almost no flexibility on the field.
Not easy to handle, often out of service and requiring frequent recharge are considerations that have brought numerous frustrations for both the owner and the end user. With OTH, we wanted to offer lifting gear that are a no brainer for you and your crew
" At OTH, we wanted to bring a slick gear that challenged the line of work of the hoisting & rigging industry "
We provide unique versatile remote controlled hooks that allow workers to safely perform more lifts per day.
What sets us apart from anything out there is how handy, sturdy, and multi-functional our hooks are.
OTH products are light and durable, it can be taken out on any application, at any site, even off grid.
Our hooks require little energy to operate and enable more than a week of hard work without recharge

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