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At Goloot, we capture valuable digital moments to connect advertisers to millions of potential buyers.

The experience behind digital advertising hasn't changed since 1994. Banners, videos, pop-ups, same old, same old.

Imagine earning 10% off at your favorite sports brand as you complete a workout on a fitness app or receiving 20% off on beauty products as you browse articles online. Imagine native, engaging and valuable advertising presented to users the right way and at the right moment.

This is the future we are building at Goloot; an advertising experience built for the new generation of consumers, focused on monetizing moments, not placements, to drive strong results.

Oh and we are hiring ;) Check out our open positions on LinkedIn!

Backed by some of North America's largest web and mobile publishers, Goloot has raised over 5M$ USD in 2 years to become one of the fastest growing early-stage company in Canada.

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